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2Tonnes workshop for all Icam employees

Écologie intégraleIcam
29 Nov 2023

Icam’s Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility (SD&SR) team is currently offering employees the chance to try out the 2Tonnes workshop, a didactic game that measures the impact of personal initiatives on a global scale. In groups, participants are given several cards per turn and must choose measures to implement, either individually or collectively, taking on the role of a government minister. The aim of the game? Reduce CO2 emissions by 2 tonnes per person per year, over the duration of the game – up to 2050. Currently, the French average is 9 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per person per year… To meet the objectives of the Paris Agreements, it is essential that we reach this 2-tonnes target, and this means revisiting our habits: adopting an electric vehicle, reducing meat consumption, moving « smart » to optimize resources, insulating our homes, changing banks to finance green projects, and so on.

The game shows us that a sum of fairly simple personal actions, over time, can have a real impact on our CO2 emissions. It also enables us to imagine realistic collective projects, inviting us to become more aware of the issues and informing our choices as citizens. All in all, it provides a realistic and objective vision of what we can do for the future of our planet, with a great deal of enthusiasm.

Icam hopes that all its employees will take part in this workshop, which is an extension of all its integral ecology initiatives.