Research and Innovation for Industry

The link with the industrial and economic world goes back to the origins of ICAM. Its status as a school of engineering draws its coherence from this link: a link which determines the purpose of its training and research activities.

In recent years, driven by the Icam Group’s proactive strategy, and being a natural extension of its traditional laboratory activities, there has been a greater orientation towards research. This has mobilized the skills of its students and teacher/researchers in order to favor a renewed approach to its projects.

The Research day is part of this strategy

“Research and Innovation for Industry” is the generic title of the annual event held according to the various schedules on the different ICAM sites. Each edition has a specific title which best defines the focal point of the conferences and stands. Industrialists faced with innovation, and renowned personalities with experience and competence regularly honour us with their presence as they come to shed light on the prospects for research.

10e journée de la Recherche et de l’Industrie
L’usine du futur : une nouvelle révolution industrielle

Jeudi 12 mai 2016 à l’Icam site de Toulouse
organisée par les étudiants de la promotion 2017 Ingénieur Icam apprentissage
Le programme de la Journée et des conférences


  • The1st edition in Toulouse on October 22nd 2009 was based on the theme of “Engineering schools – Businesses : what are the challenges for a successful collaboration in 2010? “.
  • The 2nd edition in Nantes November 16th 2010 had the leitmotiv: “Perspectives for research and interactions with the industrial world: its consequences for engineers.”
  • The 3rd edition in Lille on November 16th and 17th 2011 was entitled ‘Will engineers save the world with research?
  • The 4th edition in Toulouse December 12th 2012 had as its theme: Materials of the future: promises and social responsibility
  • The 5thedition at La Roche-sur-Yon on November 21st 2013 had as its central theme: Carbon: the material of tomorrow?