Research projects proposed to students

Icam is focused on applied research in close connection with industrial needs. Researchers, doctorates and Master students are working in team, on projects which are improving innovations from Research into solutions for the industry.

It can be upstream work : to draw the state of the art in a topic of Research & Innovation, testing and modeling new processes by virtual simulation or real prototype experiences with prototype and lab equipments. Or, it can be connected to real environment, with an industrial partner.

In both contexts, Icam students and International students are real members of the teams, with concrete objectives and close supervision. They will have opportunities to participate to any of the activities of the team : viva, reviewing meetings, team spirit, test, experiences, meeting with the industrial partner, etc. In the proposed project, concrete results and deliverables will be expected from the students, and the supervisor will provide time and support for this to happen.

Research projects are proposed by Icam researchers (supervisor) within their favorite research topic, and that can match with Master Final Project academic requirements. Projects are generally designed for one semester (fall from september to january, and spring from february to june), but special agreement are also possible, according to your university’s academic calendar.

Students can apply to these proposed projects, with letter of motivation and CV, and will obtain an answer from the supervisor. Letter of invitation and help to prepare this international mobility will be provided by the International Office of the Icam Campus.

Make your choice. Apply and promote yourself. And welcome on board !

List of projects open for application :