Structures and Couplings

  • Structure accidental loading
    Keywords: Shock, Crash, Seism, Collision, Finite elements, Analytical formulations

    Poster (396.6 KiB)

Researcher: Hervé Le Sourne

  • Stability and integrity of metallic structures
    Keywords: non-linear buckling, post-buckling analysis, stiffened panel, Finite elements

    Poster (1.6 MiB)

Researcher: Jérôme Cadieux

  • Thermo-mechanical analysis  of metallic structures and processes
    Keywords: quench, residual stress, distortion

Researcher: Jérôme Cadieux

  • Analytical, Computational and Experimental Analyses of Structural Behaviour
    Keywords: Structural Analysis, F.E. Modelling, Mechanical Tests, Residual Stress

    Poster (655.6 KiB)

Researcher: Philippe Guy

  • Composite structures under impact and crash loadings
    Keywords: dynamic tests, sandwich composites, impact energy absorption, reinforcements

    Poster (5.1 MiB)

Researcher: Olivier Dorival

  • Structures under dynamic loadings: modelling, characterization and calculation
    Keywords: structural dynamics, vibrations, transient dynamics, num./exp. methods, inverse problems

    Poster (1.2 MiB)

Researcher: Olivier Dorival

  • Nonlinear and multi-physic analysis of manufacturing process
    Keywords: Non linear&Multiphysics Analysis, Manufacturing Process Simulation, Finite elements

    Poster (697.8 KiB)

Researcher: Amaury Deldicque

  • Bolted joints
    Keywords: Assembly, Slipping, Experimental characterisation, Numerical modelling

    Poster (1.2 MiB)

Researcher: Emmanuel Rodriguez

  • Strain measurements by optic fibers and velocimetry

Researcher: Virginie Gaillard

  • Civil engineering : eco-materials and durability
    Keywords: Eco-materials formulations, Early age behaviour, Durability

    Poster (107.4 KiB)

Researcher: Mahfoud Tahlaiti