Innovative materials and treatments

  • Bio-based and structured materials
    Keywords: Polymers, polymers chemistry, bio-based, lignin, wastes

    Poster (693.9 KiB)

Researchers: Frédéric Belva and Olivier Quénard

  • Soft & thin structures (characterizations tests, behavioral laws, creep, temperature sensitivity)
    Keywords: Creeping, Thermal dependency, Experimental characterisation

    Poster (741.2 KiB)

Researcher: Emmanuel Rodriguez

  • Corrosion resistance properties
    Keywords: corrosion, surface treatment, galvanic coupling, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

    Poster (660.2 KiB)

Researcher: Sophie Régnier

  • Surface treatments
    Keywords: Wear, Residual Stress, Surface Treatment, Microstructure, Tribology

    Poster (641.1 KiB)

Researcher: Anne Mouftiez

  • Composite materials manufacturing
    Keywords: Composites, RTM, Process, Prototype

    Poster (556.0 KiB)

Researchers: Pascal Vinot and Yoann Etourneau