Industrial, environmental and societal changes

  • Work and organization changes
    Keywords: organization, service economy, human resource, cooperation

    Poster (302.1 KiB)

Researcher: Cédric Aznal

  • Technologic changes and participative democracy
    Keywords: Ethics, Epistemology, Governance, History of Science, Democracy, Nanotechnology

    Poster (265.3 KiB)

Researcher: Fernand Doridot

  • Sustainable enterprise, supply chain and transport optimisation
    Keywords: quality, cost, lead time, carbon footprint, CBR, Enterprise modelling, expert systems, GRAI methodology, Multi-agent systems, environmental social and societal dimensions

    Poster (1.0 MiB)

Researcher: Paul-Eric Dossou

  • Governance, complexity and uncertainties

    Keywords: Technologies, Governance, Sustainable Development, Smart Industries, Ethics

    Poster (1.3 MiB)

Researcher: Yann Ferguson

  • Industrial ecology – Ecology changes
    Keywords: research and innovation, democracy, human change, ecological transition

    Poster (405.2 KiB)

Researcher: Sylvain Lavelle

  • Corporate social responsability – Sustainable development
    Keywords: CSR, Strategy, Performance, Globalization, Emerging Countries

    Poster (79.4 KiB)

Researcher: Yen Le Thi