Factory 4.0

  • Stability of time-delay systems
    Keywords: automatic control, delay differential equations, distributed delays, stability analysis, LMIs.

    Poster (591.4 KiB)

Researcher: Yassine Ariba

  • Robotic graping

Researcher: Vincent Begoc

  • Connected-object in industry
    Keywords: Information Processing & Systems, Industrial Manufacture, Process control & logistics

    Poster (2.0 MiB)

Researcher: Wilfried Despagne

  • Software Development for Embedded Systems
    Keywords: Model Driven Engineering, Embedded Systems, Energy Harvesting, Real-time OS

    Poster (462.8 KiB)

Researcher: Nicolas Ferry

  • Design of Dependable Systems
    Keywords: Design for maintenance and reliability, Preventive maintenance optimization, Reliability assessment, Maintenance scheduling

    Poster (709.3 KiB)

Researcher: Ziad Imam

  • Robotics – Machine vision – Human Machine Interaction

Researcher: Philippe Juhel

  • Material handling and radio waves
    Keywords: Shock, IOT, RFID, Optimization, Warehouse, Robot, Ibeacon

    Poster (724.0 KiB)

Researcher: Ahmed Rhiat

  • Model-driven development and green computing
    Keywords: Web Application Modelling, Code Generation, Code Energy Consumption

    Poster (313.3 KiB)

    Poster (66.4 KiB)

Researcher: Jérôme Rocheteau

  • Mobile robotics and Network real time control
    Keywords: Autonomous systems, Wireless communication, Remote & Embedded control

    Poster (279.8 KiB)

Researcher: Allal Saadane