Energy storage and management

  • Optimized management of electrical energy – Hybrid systems
    Keywords: Renewable Energy, Wind Turbine, Photovoltaic, Hybrid Systems

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Researcher: René Aubrée

  • Modeling, simulation and control of electrical networks: Smart grid
    Keywords: Smart micro grid, islanded micro grid, modelling, simulation, control, regulation

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Researcher: Lamya Belhaj

  • Process energetic optimization
    Keywords: Energy audit and savings plan, Energy Management, Energy Roadmap, Automation, HMI/SCADA, Control, Regulation

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Researcher: Gilles Dedeban

  • Thermal management of electronic systems
    Keywords: cooling technologies, power electronics, electronic components, electronic devices,
    electro-thermo-fluidic modelling & simulation, test benches, instrumentation, correlation

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Researcher: Jean-Pierre Fradin

  • System Modelling and Controller Design
    Keywords: Nonlinear systems, Controller design, Stability Analysis, Fuzzy Systems

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Researcher: Meriem Nachidi Labourel

  • Heat transfer and fluid flow modeling
    Keywords: Biomechanics, Pollination, Nanoparticles, Thermosiphon, Air Ionic, CFD

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Researcher: Mohamed Lahoubi

  • Dynamic thermal simulation of the buildings
    Keywords: Building retrofit, Thermal behaviour, Dynamic Thermal Simulation, Experimentation

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Researcher: Hiva Shamsborhan

  • Heat storage using Phase-Change Materials (PCM)
    Keywords: Phase Change Material, Heat Transfer Intensification, Latent Heat Storage System

Researcher: Jérôme Soto

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PhD: Kevin Merlin

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