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Fablab Manager [M/F]

CDI - temps plein

 / Paris-Sénart

As a Higher Education Institute we are open to a fast-paced ever changing world,
well aware of human diversity and changes in society. We are currently looking for a
fablab manager.
Our 9 schools in France, India, Africa and Brazil, give opportunities to everyone to
get a professional training on all levels. We offer courses to undergraduate students
and to those who wish to pursue their studies to obtain a Master’s degree or a PhD
on the same campus.
Our activities vary from engineering studies to PhD researches; we also provide
R&D projects to answer the needs of local industries.
Are you passionate about using digital fabrication and helping others to transform
their ideas into tangible projects ?
If so, do not hesitate to apply for the position of : Fablab Manager [M/F]

Vos missions :

Our school is located on our Paris-Senart Campus. Since its creation in 2012 our
campus has been expanding rapidly. We expect to welcome 800 students in 2024.
As the Fablab manager, you will be in charge of organizing the innovative activities
of our Fablab which is at the art of our pedagogical approach and research.
You will be responsible for the financial and technical aspects and for guiding the
students, staff, R&D and PhD researchers to carry out their projects by using digital

Votre profil :

Do you have a Master’s degree and are you experienced in digital fabrication? Are
you able to work independently? Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge
and guiding people through their projects? Are you eager to innovate and
experiment new ideas into functional prototypes? Are you more interested on
electronics ?
Send your resume to chistophe.pennel@icam.fr. International applications are more
than welcomed.