Our partners

If, for Icam, the partnership with companies for the transfer of research and technology has long been the case, closer ties with laboratories and academic research institutions are currently growing very fast.

With regards to the activities of research and innovation, we are at the heart of the French and European dynamic which aims to come up to speed with the research in large countries such as the USA and Japan. This dynamic requires a substantial and permanent collaboration between businesses, for whom innovation is a vital issue, and laboratories who hold the theoretical scientific knowledge. Our researchers know both these environments, having already proved that they know how to manage the concepts and results of basic research in order to provide innovative applications used by companies.

We have four research teams:
• One with Group responsibilities: taking care of strategy, scientific and technological development, but especially, the pooling of resources and skills, the capitalization of experiences and the provision of appropriate means.
• Three with regional and local responsibilities: At the heart of their respective regions, they are responsible for the operational and administrative aspects of our research projects, all supporting our companies and laboratories.


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