International programs

International students can choose to complete one or more semesters, enabling the student to experience a French perspective of engineering.  Undertaking a two year programme will allow you to obtain a double degree, when applicable. Our primary goal is to provide you with an intense educational experience and to share this experience with Icam students on one of our campuses in France.  Our school of engineering will lead you along the way through enriching curricula, exciting study trips, eye-opening service projects, and experiential learning through internships.

As a school of engineering, Icam offers M.eng and welcomes students in two different curricula :

  • M. Eng full time
  • M. Eng with sandwich placement

Erasmus learning programsIcam_international_FLE_2013

ERASMUS learning programs are available from semesters 5 to 10.  More details are available on the following pages :

Please note that not all the courses are available in each semester : once you have found the courses you wish to take, you should check with the international office.

Summer Program

A European Summer program in Lille and Toulouse, initially designed for engineering students.

The full program lasts 8 weeks : 4 weeks to take French classes, to become better acquainted with Europe, its traditions and institutions, the differences between European countries and their ways of life and to have a taste of French engineering studies (for those who take engineering at home), plus 4 weeks of internship in local industry.

Master Final Project (R&D)

You are also welcome to take a scientific and technical project  in semester 9 or 10  in one of our research departments (for 30 credits) . You will carry out a full time project ordered by a company (18 weeks or 700H) in pairs under the supervision of a professor in the following departments : Automation, Computer Science, Materials, Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Industrial Management.