Engineering a Creative Partnership for a Global Higher Education

Who are we ?

We are ICAM – France and Loyola College, Chennai, India. Two schools in two countries come together to found a global venture. It is a meeting of two cultures to form interculturally and internationally competent engineers.

ICAM was founded in 1898 in Lille. It is composed of 8 Engineering Schools in France and abroad (Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, La Roche sur Yon, Vannes, Pointe Noire and Douala – Central Africa). It specialises in providing scientific and technical education for future engineers. Uniquely it ensures a blend of theory and practice. While they learn, they experience what it means to be in work place. With over 3000 students on all its campuses, registered for the academic year 2007-2008, ICAM is a well known generalist Engineering School in France.

LOYOLA COLLEGE : located in Chennai (Tamil Nadu State, south of India), LOYOLA COLLEGE is a Jesuit institution created by the French Jesuits in 1925 and belongs to the Jesuit Province of Madurai. Loyola College is one of the premier educational institutions of higher learning in India. Every year major surveys place Loyola in the top three places. Its uniqueness lies in viewing education as formation of character. Loyola has successfully maintained balance between giving the marginalised sections of Indian society equal access to its education and providing quality education. In 2008, India Today Magazine put Loyola in the first place in Arts and Sciences, and in the second in Commerce in India.

What do we aim at ?

Our goal is to form engineers capable of working in an international environment. We want to empower them with intercultural competence. To this end, we have evolved a partnership that would facilitate exchange of students, lecturers and participating in governance. This is enhanced by establishing a close link with French industries in India and Indian companies in France. By this partnership we intend to produce engineers who would demonstrate global competence.

What are our values ?

Our partnership is unique in terms of the values we insist and the nature of the curriculum we set. And more importantly, we will give equal access to the poor and the Dalits (formerly untouchables).

The Values we emphasis

The strength of our project rests on our common values : the core philosophy of ICAM and LOYOLA COLLEGE is to facilitate conducive academic atmosphere in which men and women form themselves into Competent, Creative, Committed, and Compassionate people. These four C’s form our commonness. We will form people and will not merely inform theories to our students. Conventionally, many educational institutions feed the mind with theories. They remain theoretical, not practical. But ICAM-LOYOLA students will be different. We will help them shape their character. When they leave our campuses, they will not be engineers, who have just learnt some skills. But leaders who would lead successful and meaningful lives and guide others in the same way. They will participate in every avenue that needs innovative ideas as well as action to solve problems and engineer growth. Our engineers will be the ones who will be able, capable, and employable.

The Curriculum we offer

Concretely, we plan to open 10 courses (from Mechanical Engineering to Biotechnology Engineering) with 60 students per courses. It will represent an institution of 2400 students.

Our training program relies on :

  • 3 streams for Indian students :
    • Stream 1 : Bachelor of Engineering (4 years in India)
    • Stream 2 : Bachelor of Engineering + Master of Business Administration (4 + 2 years in India)
    • Stream 3 : Bachelor of Engineering + Master of Engineering (3,5 years in India + 2 years in France at ICAM)
  • 2 streams for French Students :
    • Stream 1 : Master of Engineering (5 years at ICAM in France)
    • Stream 2 : Master of Engineering ( 4 years at ICAM and 1 year in India)

The Excluded we include

The target people will be students who have completed twelfth standard (+2) and who are self-motivated in technology and with leadership capabilities. We will give a special emphasis to including the excluded. Thirty per cent of our intake will be for Dalit candidates. We will institute scholarships for the poor and minority candidates. This would make us different in the context of education becoming more as a profit-making industry. At every level we will make efforts to empower the powerless.

Where do we locate and function from ?

The college is called LOYOLA ICAM COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY (LICET) and located in Chennai city, capital of Tamil Nadu state, South India. Loyola College Registered Society with a governing body for LICET will run the college.