We believe…

… in common success and lasting progress,

As an educational establishment run on business lines, we are committed to ensuring every student experiences our vision. The founding inspiration behind Icam has, from the outset, led to optimising our institutional ecology approach which encourages students to come to terms with the different priorities between individual progress and the construction of a responsible world.

… in strong values : Boldness, Confidence, Freedom, Responsibility, Solidarity and Collective success

They are the foundation on which our actions are based and which guide our relationships. They are a sign of the priority we give to the human dimension when successfully pursuing the goal of shared economic development in the service for the benefit of all.

… in the creative force of a group of institutions and services rallied around this vision and its values,

capable of extending and firmly anchoring this project in several regions, several countries and several industries. The richness that originates from our global and multiple locations reflects our ambition to be as close as possible to each individual, respecting differences and establishing local roots :

  • to develop the economic fabric through training and innovation,
  • to reinforce social links through training and integration,
  • to contribute to excellence through an active presence in competitiveness and research centres,

… with you who are reading this and showing us consideration and interest.

Many of whom understand each day, that above and beyond essential scientific skills, it is personal framework and the meaning of actions that forge human quality. and in doing so, are thinking about us and showing interest in us.

The Icam Group’s raison d’être is to implement this holistic educational project. We are traditionally open to all those who wish to associate their talents and energies with our educational projects in relationships which are based upon generosity and trust.

Jean-Luc SOUFLET – President of the Group