About Icam

Icam is a school of engineering and a service provider for industry. We have three main activities :

  • Higher education
  • Vocational training
  • Business services

Our pedagogy
Our approach to teaching and study programs is inspired by the life and work of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit movement in the 16th century. This translates as a focus on learning from contact with real-life situations, continuously reviewing and analyzing experiences, and caring for other people, whatever their background. Underlining the importance of teamwork, ethics and social involvement is also key to professional and personal development.

A school that acts like a business
Icam is in the business of education and we recruit our students in the same way that a company hires its employeesn through a careful selection and interviewing process. Icam has also developed a range of business services that reflects the needs of the real economy. We expect leadership and a high level of performance from staff and students alike.

A social and professional mix
By sharing buildings, equipment and teachers with people from others programs on their campus, our students learn at first hand about the importance of working with others. For pat of their studies, they will not only be working alongside fellow students, but also technicians and machine operators who are combining Icam courses with jobs in industry. the ability to mix with people from different social, cultural and professional backgrounds – and a willingness to help others in their work – is particularly valued bu employers.

Reaching out to emerging countries
By opening new campuses in Africa and India, Icam is able to play its part in providing new opportunities for people in emerging economies. However, this is not just a one-way process. Our presence in these countries is also a chance to see the world from a different point of view and to create new sources of innovation – particularly in the area of sustainable development, a major challenge for our planet. All of these opportunities can lead to competitive advantage.

President : François BOUVARD
Managing Director : Jean-Michel VIOT
Deans of Studies : Olivier BARREAU & Pierre DUPOUET
Head of International Relations : Olivier du BOURBLANC
Head of Business Relations : Thaddée VIEILLE-CESSAY

Our Partners

Jesuits : France Provinces, Madurai Provinces, West Africa Provinces.
CCI Nantes, CCI Toulouse, Conseil Général de Vendée.
UIMM Vendée, UIMM Bretagne, UIMM Nord Pas-de-Calais, UIMM Midi-Pyrénées, Fédération des Industries Mécaniques.
Université Catholique de Lille, Université Catholique d’Afrique Centrale.
Loyola College (India).

Our accreditations and memberships

Icam engineering diploma is officially certified by the CTI Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs – French Board of Engineering.
The FESIC Schools Network.
CGE Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.
ITII Institut des Techniques d’Ingénieur de l’Industrie.
ENAEE European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.
Memorandum of Understanding ABET-CTI
Memorandum of Understanding AACRAO-CTI