Icam Nantes Campus

Icam Nantes Campus


Icam Nantes campus is the second one founded in 1988. It was built to reply to numerous applications from students located in the west part of France. The second objective was to ensure small campuses of a “human size”. Toulouse campus was erected in 1993 followed by the Vendee and finally Britanny campus.

The first engineering students from the Nantes campus graduated in 1993.

Icam Nantes campus carries out 50 research project work each year. These projects are developped in close contact with local industries in aeronautics (Airbus), the automotive industry (PSA) shipbuilding as well as the food processing industry .

Icam Nantes campus is located on the east side of Nantes in an area called Atlanpole where many schools of engeneering are settled . A student residence is available on the campus as well as sports facilites.  gymnase_Icam_nantes

How to access to Icam Nantes campus

Nantes city

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For further information please contact : Genevieve Baines genevieve.baines@icam.fr

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